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April 10, 2008



I entered the contest today. Thanks. I love Whole Foods Market and I love Sinus Buster too. When will it be available in all Whole Foods stores?

The podcast from Whole Foods was great and I noticed the doctor mentioned Stinging Nettgle for allergies. I have been using your sinus buster allergy formula with nettle for about two years and it's super!


Sinus Buster Allergy products virtually gave me a new lease on life. I've only been using this product for about a month. Already, my allergies have all but dissapated. I suffered miserably from allergies. I was plagued by sinus congestion and lately even had bouts with wheezing in my sleep. I knew things were getting worse. Last year, I had a visit to the emergency room where I had a breathing treatment for asthmatic "symptoms." Believing wholeheartedly in naturopathic remedies instead of pharmaceuticals, I was compelled to buy pharmaceuticals because holistic methods were not working. One day, a friend of mine told me about your product. She had seen Sinus Buster on National tv. Grasping at straws, I decided to give the products a try. After the first administration, the red pepper tingled my nose too badly. I couldn't use it. I waited for a few days, trying to decide what to do. After thinking about it, I realized that even if I could put SB in my nose, the organic materials would drain to my throat. After all, whether it is administered by nose OR mouth, one would not want to spit the product out because you'd want to absorb as much product as possible. How could it be harmful? I squirted a few drops of both the Allergy Relief and the Sinus Headache formula into the back of my throat and hoped for the best. Ouila, the rest is history. I'm cured! No more sinuses, runny nose, itchy corners of my mouth, nose and eyes --NO more misery! And, the best part is: It's ALL organic! I can't believe how good it feels to finally be able to walk outdoors and the grass no longer irritates my nasal passages. Also, the dust in my home no longer mandates that I dust EVERY day, less I suffer serious allergic reactions. Finally, in addition to using Sinus Buster, I also rinse my nose with a sinus rinse (sodium-based) for added comfort and cleaning of pollens, dust, and other allergens. Thank you Sinus Buster. I believe so solidly in this product, if I could, I'd buy stock in this product!

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